Mountain Lab Roam 2W 2-Way Radio Set


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The Mountain Lab Roam 2W 2-Way Radio had been designed specifically for backcountry users.  It features an waterproof microphone and transmits with the maximum power permitted as a license-free radio.


The Roam 2W is compatible with other backcountry radios. It has 22 channels and 121 privacy codes.


This package includes 2 full sets.


Download the manual here.





2W Power

Improved IP56 Waterproof Mic

Improved Waterproof Mic Cover

22 Channels, 121 Privacy Codes

NIMH USB rechargeable batteries

Can use standard AA batteries as back-up

FCC and IC certified

Backlit screen

Easy-navigate menu

10 Call tone/Roger beep

Keyboard lock

VOX function

Flashlight/backlight/channel scan

Dual Watch/TOT (180s)

Room Monitor/Channel Monitor

Adjustment volume level

Low battery alarm

Compact design