Kawasaki Z900 Motorcycle Chain Kit


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Chain Kit parts packaged with drive chain, engine sprocket, rear sprocket and the other replacement parts (Engine Sprocket Washer, Rear Sprocket Nuts and Cotter Pin etc.)

This complete package from Kawasaki contains all the qualified genuine parts required for correct drive chain replacement for each model

Please note that Kawasaki cannot assume any responsibility for damage resulting from incorrect installation

Dealer installation recommended

Drive Chain Kit Component Parts Included

SPROCKET-HUB, 44T 42041-0158 1 Rear Sprocket

NUT, LOCK, FLANGED, 10 MM 92210-0276 6 For Rear Sprocket Installation

PIN-COTTER, 4.0 ? 40 550AA4040 1 For Rear Axle

CHAIN, DRIVE, EK525RMX3/3D, 114L 92057-0672 1

SPROCKET-OUTPUT, 15T 13144-0579 1 Engine Sprocket

WASHER 92200-1720 1 For Engine Sprocket


Z900 2019 2018 2017

Z900 ABS 2020 2019 2018 2017