Kawasaki Versys X 300 Motorcycle 17 Litre Hard Saddlebag Set


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Secure your personal items in 17 liters of lockable waterproof storage

Enough room for all your necessary gear

Rugged styling to complement the aggressive design of your Kawasaki

Utilizes the Kawasaki One Key System, allowing you to use your ignition key for unlocking

Individual saddlebag dimensions: 457mm (18 inches) L x 203mm (8 inches) W x 279mm (11 inches) H with 17 liter storage capacity

3kg (7 lbs.) max carrying capacity per side

Polypropylene plastic

Authorized Kawasaki dealer installation required

Improper installation may void the accessory warranty

VERSYS-X 300 2022
VERSYS-X 300 ABS 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017