Kawasaki TDH Hydraulic Fluid


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Kawasaki TDH fluid is a multipurpose extreme pressure, wet-brake / tractor transmission hydraulic fluid. It utilizes the latest additive technology and high quality mineral oils to achieve outstanding improvements in wet brake chatter control, enhanced shear stability in field service and optimized low-temperature performance. It also offers enhanced extreme-pressure wear protection and superior oxidation resistance stability under the most severe operating conditions. Kawasaki TDH fluid is specially formulated for long-term service in Kawasaki Wet Brake equipped differentials.


• Outstanding pour point capabilities for good mobility at low temperatures.

• Smooth wet-clutch performance and chatter-free wet brake operation.

• Excellent extreme pressure protection provides maximum gear life.

• Outstanding protection against foam, rust, oxidation and corrosion.

• Outstanding seal capability.

• Excellent performance at extreme temperatures.



Please consult your owner's manual.