Kawasaki S4-R Competition Synthetic Oil


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Kawasaki S4-R oil is custom-formulated to exacting specifications of Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. and is a premium 100% synthetic 10W40 competition motor oil that provides extreme performance and maximum protection for on-road / off-road racing and high-performance supercharged, turbocharged 4-cycle engines. Exclusive and unique advanced additive technology specifically engineered for maximum horsepower, superior clutch and transmission performance.  Enhanced levels of Zinc/Phosphorus for exceptional anti-wear protection. Advanced synthetic chemistry resists effects of intense heat.  Kawasaki S4-R oil is JASO MA2 Licensed. Kawasaki S4-R oil meets or exceeds the latest stringent JASO T 903:2016 criteria.


  • Superior lubrication for maximum acceleration and horsepower
  • Enhanced levels of Zinc/Phosphorus for exceptional protection at peak engine rpm
  • Excellent high temperature durability
  • Superb transmission performance
  • Excellent wet clutch performance
  • Outstanding engine cleanliness
  • Certified JASO MA2 performance