Kawasaki Mule Pro UTV Dual Battery Kit


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Add a second battery to your Mule Pro UTV with this Dual Battery Kit.

Not compatible with 2018-2019 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Ranch Edition Models.

This kit allows you to maintain two batteries in your vehicle.

The intelligent solenoid manages the charging of both batteries while the vehicle is running and isolates them when the vehicle is off.

This system also allows the second battery to be charged and/or isolated automatically.

Requires Battery (26012-0107), Accessory Fuse Box (99994-1082), Battery Terminal Cap (11065.0285), Nut (92015-1406) x 2, Bushing (92152-0794) x 2, Bolt (92151-1788) x 2, Damper (92161-0578), and Damper (92161-0579), all sold separately.