Kawasaki Mule Pro UTV Heater Kit


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This fully integrated system dramatically improves in-cabin comfort during those cold mornings and long winters.

Utilizes the heat generated from your engines liquid cooling system.

Distributes hot air throughout the cabin via two adjustable automotive style floor vents.

The system also features a windshield defroster vent to eliminate condensation or clear frost from your windshield.

2 Speed Blower.

22,000 BTU.

Durable textured black powder coating.

For Mule Pro-FX/FXT/DX/DXT:
Can be used alone as an option component of the Hard Cab Enclosure (KAF080-003 or KAF080-060/99994-1407 and KAF080-061) or Soft Cab Enclosure (KAF080-015, KAF080-046, KAF080-067 or KAF080-069). But MUST be installed PRIOR to Hard Cab Enclosure.

For Mule Pro-FXR:
Can be used alone or in conjunction with the KQR Soft Rear Panel (99994-1055) and KQR Soft Upper Door Set (99994-1056).