Kawasaki Jet Ski Watercraft S4 10W40 Synthetic Oil


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Kawasaki Jet Ski Watercraft S4 10W40 oil is custom-formulated to exacting specifications of Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. and is a premium 100% synthetic 4-cycle oil designed for maximum protection in high performance marine applications. Exclusive and unique advanced additive technology formulated for Jet Ski high performance requirements and harsh operating conditions of marine environments. Specifically designed for 4-cycle supercharged Kawasaki Jet Ski and 4-cycle PWC’s. Recommended for all 4-cycle gasoline powered outboard and inboard engines. Suitable for fresh and saltwater operation.  Kawasaki Jet Ski Watercraft S4 10W40 offers high temperature protection yet has a pour point of –40° C.  JASO MA Licensed.  NMMA FC-W + FC-W (Catalyst Compatible) Certified.

Key Features

  • Certified NMMA FC-W + FC – W (Catalyst Compatible)
  • Certified JASO MA performance
  • Superior friction reduction
  • Excellent cold start and warm up protection
  • Outstanding high RPM, high temperature protection
  • Excellent anti rust performance, protects during operation, inactivity and long term storage
  • Increased valve train wear protection
  • Improved volatility, less oil consumption
  • Excellent high temperature deposit control
  • Superior oxidation control
  • For use in gas powered 4-Cycle inboards / outboards and personal watercraft