Kawasaki Front Supersprox Drive Sprocket


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Sprocket Teeth Number: 13

Chain Number: 520


Front Drive Sprocket

Supersprox front sprockets are the best on the market today, with a balance between performance and longevity.

Features SCM435 Ni-Chrome Molybdenum low corrosion steel.

Case hardened surface for maximum water resistance.

Low carbon core to prevent breakage.

Has the ultimate combination of strength and hardness.


Rear Drive Sprocket (many styles available)


Stealth Sprocket (aluminum & steel)

Longer system life without compromising weight

Last 3 times longer than aluminum

Aluminum core is 70% lighter than steel


Aluminum Sprocket

Made from 7075-T6 aluminum for high strength.

Fully CNC machined for a perfect fit.

Grooved teeth, prevent dirt build up, helping to maximize sprocket and chain life.

Finished with durable anodizing and great in colors

Note: If you’re riding anything over a 250cc, then think about Supersprox-Stealth. They will last much longer and saves money by reducing the frequency of replacement.


Steel Sprocket

Developed on the race track, to give longer system life and high performance for all street bikes.

Using CAD Designed and CNC-Laser cutting, to ensure an exact fit on the wheel.

Made to Supersprox high quality standards and include our exclusive (2xZink) anti corrosion black finish.

The will last 3 longer than any aluminum sprocket.

One of the lightest steel sprocket.

With the factory styling, you are not compromising on design.