Highmark Ridge 3.0 R.A.S. Avalanche Airbag


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The Highmark RIDGE 3.0 avalanche airbag comes with the super lightweight, incredibly compact Snowpulse 3.0 Inflation Technology. This is Snowpulse's lightest airbag system of all time and is the lightest avalanche airbag system on the market.

The Highmark Ridge was designed to meet the needs of snowmobilers who demanded an intelligently-designed, compact and low-profile avalanche airbag. The RIDGE is an avalanche airbag that fits so well, you'll never notice you're wearing an avalanche airbag. The RIDGE 3.0 features Snowpulse 3.0, the latest in avalanche airbag technology new ultralight, ultracompact avalanche airbag system, and more user-friendly set-up.

Snowpulse air cylinder must be purchased separately and is not available for shipping. 




Weight: 4lbs

Dimensions: 27 x 18 x 5 in

Volume: 15L

Weight: 5.5lbs (including airbag & cylinder)

Airbag System: Removable Airbag System (R.A.S.)

Probe Storage: Interior probe sleeve

Shovel Storage: Exterior handle holder, exterior (front) blade sleeve

Additional Pockets: Avalanche safety sleeve (interior)

Goggle Pocket: N/A

Fit: One size

Front Pockets: N/A

Side Adjustments: N/A

Zippers: YKK oversized

Buckles: Aluminum & plastic