Arctic Cat Snowmobile SLP Skis


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Powder Pro

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Exceptional float and control in deep, loose snow.

Includes handles, saddles and mounting hardware.

Black 7 INCH ski kits are sold in pairs; wearbars sold separately.


Available for in store pick up in Balzac, Alberta only.


About Powder Pro

Maximum flotation with precise steering control
Unique lower keel incorporates many design features found on the Straight Line Tracking (SLT) Ski to provide precise, easy steering with maximum reduction of darting on packed or groomed snowmobile trails
Patented vertical sidewall surface of the upper keel adds to the sidewall surface area of the lower keel to provide optimum steering control in deep powder or loose snow
Compaction Control Technology directs the snow under the ski for maximum lift keeping the ski on top of and parallel with the snow
Reduces the tendency of "Nose Diving" during deceleration
Each Powder Pro ski is 7" wide by 40" long and weighs 6.5 pounds assembled with carbide
Upper keel aids the lower keel in loose snow conditions
Dramatically increases deep snow steering ability
Powder control wings direct snow under the ski for maximum lift


About Mohawk

The Mohawk Ski ™ is the next evolution in SLP ski technology. It is specifically designed for the rider forward chassis of today to provide a predictable ski with aggressive bite and great flotation. 7 3/8 Inch Overall Width for Maximum Flotation. 6 Inch Main Bottom Width for Superb Trail Manners. Mohawk Shaped Traction Edges.

The MoHawk Ski’s flex pattern is a major factor in its handling characteristics. In developing this ski, we found that if we allowed it to flex as it negotiated through a corner or across rough terrain, it would provide a much more predictable feel. You see, the snow and ice that the ski bottom, side and runner are exposed to in a corner varies dramatically. Typically you will have soft snow on top with inconsistent compaction below. This is made worse when lots of sleds have been traveling across it. On other skis what happens when you go through a corner is a continual cycle where the ski grabs traction and then loses it, only to grab it again. When the ski loses traction, the sled begins to push and then when it grabs traction again, the outside ski hooks (grabs too much traction) and the inside ski lifts. This causes the operator to typically back off on the throttle or change body positioning on the sled to try to keep that inside ski down and the sled going around the corner. On this ski, the engineered flex pattern combined with the bottom design, in most instances, keeps the ski from losing traction in the first place.

Mohawk Traction Ribs - During those “Epic” snow conditions where the snow is bottomless, getting stuck is bound to happen to the best of us. The MoHawk Ski incorporates a new traction “Mohawk” (this is where the name comes from) on the top side edges of the ski provided for rider stability when stuck and having to climb around on the skis.

New Loop - These ski loops for the SLP MoHawk ski are made of a new cross-linked polymer designed to provide near indestructible strength with optimal flexibility. This new material offers a high amount of grip when cold and wet. The loop to ski fastening system is strong and attractive with easy installation. These loops absorb energy without compressing and are an integral part of the MoHawk Ski’s flex pattern.

Powder Control Wing - The MoHawk Ski is equipped with a smaller version of the SLP Powder Pro ski’s “Powder Control Wing” which increases flotation and steering control by keeping the snow under the ski rather than allowing it to wash over the top. The Powder Control Wing comes into effect whenever the loose snow is over about an inch deep and is very effective in increasing steering control in loose and powder snow conditions on or off trail.

Rocker Keel Design - The MoHawk Ski utilizes the famous SLP “Rocker Keel” bottom design that originated on the SLP Ultra-Lite ski to reduce steering effort and revolutionized the industry throughout the 90s. It combines this “Rocker Keel” with the hourglass center keel shape and gull wing edges found on the ever popular SLP Straight Line Tracking ski which significantly reduces darting when exposed to ruts in the trail and provides effortless steering.