Arctic Cat Mounting Track Kit Utility Jug


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1.3 Gallon
3.3 Gallon

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Fits Mountain Track Kit

Available In Two Size:s

1.3 Gallons: 9.75 INCHES X 6 INCHES x 9 INCHES

3.3 Gallons: 9.75 INCHES x 13 INCHES x 9 INCHES

Mounting Track design allows you to easily slide a Utility Jug or Gear bag on and off your tunnel. Raised mountain track keeps the gear away from your tunnel. Mounting tracks are made of HDPE plastic for durability plus resistance to snow and ice build up. Heavy duty Utility Jugs are UV protected. Hard sided Gear Bags are made of water resistant polyester with a urethane coated outer shell and feature padded foam lining. The Utility Jug and Gear Bag base slides easily onto the mounting track. Mounting Track, Utility Jugs and Gear Bags are sold seperately.

Note: Utility Jugs are not intended for fuel storage