509 Sinister X6 Fuzion Goggle

Our industry first Fuzion lens combines the inner and outer lenses of a traditional dual pane lens into a fuzed and bonded single pane ventless lens. Designed specifically for high speed, high octane trail riding that requires maximum field of view. Eliminating the lens gasket and fuzing the Super Anti-Fog inner and PC outer lens into one optically clear, ventless lens provides an unmatched field of view with less diffusion.




FLLS Fast Lens Loading System uses front loading lens, and unique outrigger latch for easy lens changes

Forced outriggers for great fit on a wide range of helmets

Phantom rigid frame for an optimal lens seal, soft frame for optimal face fit

OTG compatible

PC Outer Lens with Anti-scratch coating, and super Anti-fog inner lens

Contoured removable nosemask

Silicone lined with Rigger Lock strap